food truck con accesorios y decoración

How to improve a food truck with accessories and decoration

There are many food truck accessories out there but here we will explore some decorating elements that food trucks can use to be successful and improve their business figures with little investment.

Whoever sells a good product that people like always ends up being successful. Word of mouth will communicate to everyone how good the product is.

This method can work but it can also be very slow and it can take so long to get the word out that you have already gone elsewhere.

That is why it is necessary to attract a close audience and encourage them to make recommendations to their friends… and especially recommendations on the Internet.

A person with a lot of followers on Instagram uploading a photo in your food truck can attract more customers than a giant billboard. Give him a reason to take that picture!

A unique, unmistakable food truck

If you want to set up a food truck and you have not yet chosen the perfect type of food truck for your business, read this other post of our blog. If you already have it, make the food truck you work in different, impossible to confuse with another one.

We could talk about marketing techniques such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) or PUV (Unique Selling Proposition) applied to this business but it’s simpler than all that.

Simply make a unique food truck that is easy to differentiate. Let there be no doubt that the photo of a famous person next to your food truck is yours. Your logo can be seen, there is a bluish light different from everything else or unmistakable balloons.

We have to be eye-catching to sell from afar (also through the Internet) but do not confuse eye-catching with strident.

In other words, use colored lights but don’t burn people’s eyes because they will look away.

You have to find a clear line of communication that allows you to know your product at a glance and makes you want to try it.

And if you have an offer or promotion in your food truck that is clear from afar, you don’t want to waste time answering people’s questions.

Accessories and decoration for your food truck

Food truck with balloons

Balloons are a simple way to attract attention, and very inexpensive. If you fill them with helium, the effect is more spectacular but the price also increases. The downside is that they are ephemeral, they will not last more than 2 days. Here is an example to show you how good they look.

How to improve a food truck with accessories and decoration


A very large and eye-catching balloon that will appeal to the youngest and their parents. There are also options such as Star Wars, princesses, unicorns…

How to improve a food truck with accessories and decoration

Food trucks with plants

A vine is easy to place both inside and outside a food truck and associates us with the idea of natural and ecological (even if they are made of plastic). It costs very little to test the results but don’t get carried away and fill everything with plants, because the jungle does not attract everybody…

Artificial ivy is also a good idea for an entire wall or even a ceiling! Make your food truck more original with this simple tip.

Natural plants are also an option but make sure they are very hardy.

How to improve a food truck with accessories and decoration

Here are more perspectives of this beautiful food truck.

Food truck signs

Among the food truck accessories, the sign is probably the most basic element to make a customer come to order. A good sign should be informative (name, logo, type of food) and also seductive (colors, images, prices).

How to improve a food truck with accessories and decoration

How to improve a food truck with accessories and decoration

Digital signage

Your poster can be a flat screen TV or a tablet but there is another cheaper option with very similar results: a digital photo frame. You can automatically play photos and videos to show your menu, your food truck in other places, your dishes and even how they are prepared.

LED scrolling sign

It is a captivating type of poster, hypnotic at times. It allows to write a longer text and make it pass at different speeds, with blinking, change of color… Used well, it is a very effective communication weapon.


Magnetic paper or printable magnet sheets allow you to print posters on your home printer and stick them on metal surfaces. LACOMMA food trucks are made of iron, which makes them very robust and also allows to easily place this type of sign. If your food truck offers different types of food, you can quickly change the menu offered or remove a product that has run out. Do not choose paper that is too thin, medium density is ideal. You can also go to a professional digital copy shop to print larger posters with this magnetic quality.

Banderitas and lanterns

It is very easy to set up and works, which is why you will see it at many food trucks and events. You can choose custom designs with flags, with your logo, with a sponsor’s brand…

How to improve a food truck with accessories and decoration


The banners are a larger element and with the movement produced by the wind, they become an eye-catcher. You can put 2 marking the area of your food truck or on the roof so that it can be seen from farther away.

Food truck lighting accessories

Let’s continue with food truck accessories, now the lighting that not only attracts attention but also creates atmosphere. Direct customers’ attention to the most enlightened and enhance your strengths. The easiest way to make your food truck look really cool.

Neon flex

It is the evolution of the usual neon, much more versatile and with more possibilities of drawing by mixing colors. A very clear example is the beer mug sign, visible from far away and with an obvious message. Check out the many options but you can also customize it with your logo and even do it yourself with LED strips of several meters.

How to improve a food truck with accessories and decoration


There are thousands of possibilities with lamps to decorate and illuminate. I suggest paper lamps in different sizes and colors, but you can also discover garlands that are recharged by sunlight, star-shaped, colorful mushrooms…

Bulb strip

A classic in the decoration of food trucks are the garlands of lights.

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Vinyl on food trucks:

More than decoration, a statement of identity:

Forget about generic designs. A well-designed vinyl goes beyond simple aesthetics. It’s the opportunity to tell your brand story, express your passion for food and create a memorable experience for your customers.

I hope you have found inspiration to make your food truck business stand out from the rest.

Here you can see and get inspired before decorating your new food truck:

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