A team with more than 25 years of experience

LACOMMA Food Trucks is a trademark of Terrón Nieves S.L., a company founded in 1998 that focused on the automotive world. The company’s beginnings were in Huelva, as a workshop and dealer of new cars of leading brands. Thousands of satisfied customers allowed the company to explore other sectors such as real estate, audiovisual and hospitality.

In 2015 we set out to make a food truck to take our hospitality brand to all parts of Spain. It proved difficult even for a company with resources. The legal obstacles, types of vehicles, places to work… everything was a difficult enigma to decipher.

At that moment LACOMMA was born, being aware of the difficulty to enter the world of #foodtruckers we knew that there was an important business that was already enjoyed in many places around the world.

There was still a long way to go, but we were collecting the steps we were taking and reflecting on how to improve it.



Our first food truck started its activity in 2017 and it was a refurbished Ford Transit MK2 model motorhome of Italian origin. The Italian origin sounds good until you find out that being a foreign vehicle requires a special permit “almost” incompatible with the activity as a food truck.

Some time later, we managed to cut costs with a new food truck, this time a refurbished caravan (photo). The advantages were many although it was not as robust as we would have liked. A blow forced us to discard it because it was too expensive to repair. Before returning to business, we studied the problems that our new food truck had to solve.



At that time, we discovered a type of food truck based on a horse trailer that offered many advantages. After making several improvements to a horse-drawn vans and seeing the good reception at events, we decided to start mass producing them, which makes them cheaper to build and facilitates access to the food truck world. Not only because of the price, but also because it includes the European homologation 4051 for street vending, 2 axles, light bulletin, European sanitary certificate and the basic equipment.

At the beginning of 2020, the company took on its own entity with the company LACOMMA Food Truck SL within the Terrón Nieves SL group and continued to improve, creating new food truck models, expanding its team to optimize the investment of its customers and with a program of digitalization of the company to improve customer service.

Faced with the confinement situation, the company made use of what it had learned in the digitalization program and, although it was not possible to make deliveries or work in manufacturing, we continued to telework to create new models that responded to the interests of the customers.

Thus were born the LT model, a light trailer 2 meters wide with the style of an old van, and the CARAVAN model, also a light trailer 2 meters wide that imitates the appearance of a caravan but made of metal to make it more robust and is approved as a tent.

Get to know all our models and do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in entering the foodtrucker world.

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