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Find out which type of food truck is perfect for your business

When a company or entrepreneur thinks about what type of food truck to buy for their business, they find that there is a wide variety and options available.

Each type of food truck has its advantages and disadvantages, but which one is the most suitable for your idea? Let’s make it easy for you to find the perfect food truck for you.

First of all, the correct spelling is “FOOD TRUCK”, which means “food truck”. The Spanish translation would be “Camión de comida” although “Gastroneta” is also used.

Another possibility is to talk about “Food Trailer” which translates as “Food Trailer”. But a “full track”, “fuck trans”, “fut trak” or “foodtrok” are not different types but a typo and you may find something you are not looking for….


These are the two main types into which food trucks can be divided: motorized and non-motorized. Depending on the business you want to set up, one or the other will be better.

At LACOMMA we know that most of the time a food truck without an engine, a trailer, is the best option because it has many pros and few cons.


– Lowest initial investment.

A trailer is cheaper than a food truck with an engine, it is a more affordable option for the entrepreneur starting a business on wheels.

– Easy maintenance.

In the medium and long term, the maintenance of a trailer is much simpler and cheaper than a motor vehicle. In addition, they do not undergo periodic inspections (ITV).

– Easy mobility.

For long-term events or permanent place of work, autonomous mobility is not so important. A trailer is easy to move a few meters or change position.

– Greater flexibility.

You can unhitch the food truck when you arrive at an event and the car it pulls is available for shopping or sightseeing while you are not working.

– Interior space.

In a trailer, more space is usually used because it avoids wheel arches in the interior, seats for the driver, fuel tank… And they have more height!

– Less fixed costs.

A light trailer (<750Kg) does not need its own insurance to circulate (the one of the car is enough), it does not have to pass periodic ITV and it does not have mechanics, batteries or electronics that deteriorate if it is not used. This is why it allows you to convert fixed costs to variable costs, only spending when you use it.


– Visual impact.

We have in mind the image of American food trucks and that’s what seems most authentic to us. Big vans like the Daimler UPS, or a restored vintage van always attracts a lot of attention. Current vans are also an option but do not have the same impact.

– Speed.

It only takes a few minutes from the time you park to the time you are ready to work. You can move quickly to several areas in the same day. In order to move around a lot, it is interesting that the food truck is very autonomous.

Surely there are more advantages of food trucks with engines but I don’t see them because they have a much higher price. In addition, if you have a mechanical breakdown you are unable to work, whereas with a trailer you only have to change the towing vehicle. Post in the comments any other advantages you can think of.


Find out which type of food truck is perfect for your business
Find out which type of food truck is perfect for your business

Size is another important variable to consider when choosing which type of food truck to buy. Each case is unique and your business will have different needs than another. It is not always better to be “Big, whether you walk or not”. You should ask yourself a series of questions to find out what is the ideal size:

How many people will work inside?

How much space does the machinery take up?

How much supply storage do you need?

The answer to these questions will tell you how much food you can prepare in a day and how big the food truck should be.

For example, if your business only sells empanadas and soft drinks, you will be able to sell a large quantity with less space than another business that offers several meat and potato dishes. The second will need more personnel, more machinery and more food storage, therefore it will need a larger vehicle.

Small food trucks are those that do not exceed 5 m2, i.e. less than 3m. length and 2m. wide. But you should not be guided by the exterior measurements but by the available interior space.

Keep in mind that as the size of the food truck increases, so does the purchase price, the fuel to move it and the cost of maintenance. That is why it is very important to balance the size of the food truck and the amount of business you expect to receive with the available budget.




The style of your food truck will speak about you and your product. It is very important to customize your food truck over time to sell from afar to your audience as we explained in the blog post dedicated to food truck accessories and decoration.

For example, a fluorescent sign is very eye-catching but may scare away a type of customer who will be more attracted to a hand-painted sign. You will learn that when you get to know your clientele well.

At LACOMMA you can find a wide variety of styles, from the retro style of the LT model or the Caravan, to the modern FusionXXL or the practical style of the Container.

Here are some tips to choose the most suitable style for your food truck:

– Type of food.

Some styles are more suitable for certain types of food. A Spanish tortilla food truck in my opinion should go in a rounded food truck while if your product is a square pizza you should look for a vehicle with straight lines.

– Image you wish to project.

The style of your food truck should be an extension of your brand. If you want a modern and industrial image you can think of a container or a van. For a classic image, a retro van or caravan is more advisable.

– Budget.

To sell a genuine American burger, a large food truck with an engine is ideal, but the price can skyrocket. You can solve it with a replica van (which is actually a trailer but when it’s stationary it doesn’t make much difference) or in a camper with a big American flag. Decoration and personalization is the best sign of identity and is earned over time.

In summary, to choose which type of food truck to buy that suits your business you should consider that it is comfortable to work with (know the usual number of personnel), which has sufficient space for machinery and storageand a aesthetically pleasing to your product.

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