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Everything you need to know to receive online orders in your food truck

Online food ordering has become more important in 2020 due to the mobility restrictions caused by COVID-19. And not only for home delivery, but also for pick-up at the point of sale. This is why more and more food trucks are offering this service, which has been the salvation and even the only source of income for months for all types of restaurants.

Precisely because of the pandemic issue, customers prefer to have their food delivered or pick it up, which has made ordering food online very popular. A food truck is ideal to avoid contagion hazards by serving outdoors as we explained here but you can add this service without too much hassle.

If you have been wondering how much will it cost me to offer online ordering in my business? Is it difficult to make these services available? Can I do it from my food truck? What do I need and where do I start? Read on because you will find the answers.

Should you accept orders with your food truck online?

Yes, every food truck should be able to accept online orders. Both for pick-up at the point of sale and for home delivery. In this way you will have new ways of income with the same business and without a big investment.

This technology has come a long way in recent years, making it easier for food truck owners to create an online ordering system. But more importantly, the public is accustomed to this technology and is confident to order through an app or web.

1- Platforms for your customers to order food online

Creating an online ordering platform is easier than you think, because there are many ways to do it. Much of the convenience now available is thanks to takeout apps and website forms. You can also offer through social networks a phone number to ask with a call or a message.

2- Social networks, the simplest formula

It is probably not the best formula but it is the simplest. Creating a profile on social networks like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Whatsapp… is free and you probably already have some of them with followers. To start selling you will need an image of your menu or menu indicating the contact phone number. You can receive orders through social networks and pay in advance with Bizum, Twyp, Google Pay, Bnext, Verse, PayPal… For regular customers and followers you can offer cash payment on pick up.

order food online from a food truck

3- Design a form on your website

This is one of the simplest and most common ways for food truck customers to order their food. When creating this platform, it is important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to get an idea of how they will use the website, as some customers may only be reading the menu for dinner later, so you need to distinguish three things:

    • Create a page that shows your menu to be consumed in the store.
    • Design another page containing the take-away menu.
    • Create a secure form that allows customers to choose their meal, order extras and indicate the method of payment, with all the details included.

Benefits of a food truck website

A website is the best way to centralize marketing communications for any company, and by extension for a food truck as well. In it your customers can find your contact information, your social networks, photos, routes or locations, schedules, promotions…

    • Allows you to update your menu instantly, so if you run out of an ingredient, you can remove it from the menu to avoid disappointing your customers.
    • You can send your customers important information about your business, for example, if you are going to close early one day and you want them to know it.
    • Centralizes your communications and makes it easier to find you.

order food truck delivery

4- Online food ordering applications

They have become popular because of their use by major food chains, and the large number of customers who already order from their cell phones. It is in line with the “trend” of online shopping and makes it easier to place orders. You can even use an app to hire a food truck.


for your next event.

Benefits of food ordering apps

    • Eliminates queues of people ordering food in the store.

    • Minimizes wait times for customers ordering online


    • Helps staff to better organize orders


    • Reduces the traffic that forms in canals made for ordering food by car


Online ordering through third-party applications

Apps such as Grubhub, Postmates or DoorDash have simplified the process of ordering food for customers, directly from their cell phones. Its translation to the Spanish market is Glovo, Uber Eats, JustEat or Deliveroo. To create a takeout service, using one of these apps can be a good option to start with, although their service fees can exceed 30% of the order price.

Another very interesting alternative is a sales and management platform for small businesses that has a free version. It can be used in conjunction with Whatsapp, Facebook or create a website with all the products offered by your food truck. If you have tried it, let us know in the comments what you thought of it.

Benefits of ordering food online through other applications

    • Increased sales volume
    • Outsourced services are usually staffed with order fulfillment personnel, eliminating the need to train employees and pay them to perform these tasks.
    • Makes it easy to order food and deliver it to customers


food truck food online price

5- How to prepare for online ordering and take-away meals

Once you have chosen the online formula you are going to use with your customers, it’s time to get all the necessary accessories such as bags and boxes, as well as train your staff. It is important to remember that the points of contact should be specified when delivering orders. Among the things you should consider buying for online food order fulfillment are:

    • Containers
    • Pizza boxes
    • Disposable cutlery
    • Napkins
    • Disposable cups
    • Lids (of glasses)
    • Bags
    • Bases to support beverages
    • Single-dose sauces

In these times of quarantine, it is the ideal time to adapt and offer the option of ordering food online. You can use this information to evaluate the online platform that suits you best and test it so that when we are back to normal you can offer a better service to your customers.

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