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The best types of food to sell in food trucks

The possible meals to cook in a food truck are almost endless. Despite its name, you don’t have to sell food, in a food truck you can also offer any other product or service like this example of a food truck. food truck Barbería or this one of tattoos. Permits to work with your food truck are similar, as we saw in another blog post on legislation. We will discuss these businesses in more detail in another post but now let’s focus on the food.

If you are thinking of setting up a food truck or you already have one but are looking for new products to offer, read on. We’re going to give you some ideas of food trucks that succeed in food trucks around the world.

Salty, sweet, main dishes, snacks… you will have a hard time choosing with so many possibilities, but luckily we are here to help you. Depending on your location, one type of product may be more interesting, although the time of year will also have an influence. Who doesn’t like a cool ice cream in summer, which can turn into a freshly made crepe in winter?

What type of food is most profitable in a food truck?


The best types of food to sell in food trucks


As in restaurants, the product that gives the best results is the one that makes the public enjoy it, because it will make them come back and speak well of you. The best publicity is word of mouth (never better said). But in the case of food trucks without a fixed location, which move around events throughout the territory, other aspects take on special importance:


An eye-catching poster and a good product presentation will attract more people than a good review on
Trip Advisor

Preparation time.

Having a long queue waiting does not mean much profit, the profitability is in serving more customers quickly. Keep this in mind when defining your menu.


Quality raw materials are expensive and will be reflected in the final price of your product. It seeks a balance between quality and profitability by playing with quantities. It is important to know the real cost of your product to establish the selling price. To achieve this, learn
how to make an estimate
and don’t forget to include the personnel costs and the expenses of your food truck.

Study well the foods to sell in your food truck, so you will have total confidence in your offer and it will give you security. Think about how to differentiate yourself from the competition to attract the public and plan the execution to achieve short processing times. In the confined spaces of a food truck, it is essential to be clear about where everything and everyone should be placed.

Variety of products that can be offered in a food truck

In addition to hamburgers or hot dogs, there are many meals with simple ingredients that take up little space. Storage and preparation time must be taken into account. How about sushi, or empanadas? Maybe you prefer a stand with some good sausages and a good wine. We are going to study the possibilities to make your guests enjoy and what equipment you need for its preparation.


Burritos are a delicious option that has become a classic in food trucks. These street food vehicles offer a unique experience of enjoying a freshly prepared burrito bursting with flavors. With fresh and varied ingredients, from carne asada to marinated chicken, accompanied by rice, beans, cheese, vegetables and spicy sauces, every bite is an explosion of flavor.

Best of all, food truck burritos are often customizable, allowing customers to choose their favorite ingredients and create unique combinations. In addition, their convenient format makes them a perfect option for eating on the go, ideal for those looking for a quick and tasty meal while exploring the city or working.

Burritos at @foodtruck_lachoza
Burritos at @foodtruck_lachoza


Quesadillas are an irresistible classic at food trucks. With their combination of melted cheese and warm tortillas, they are the perfect snack to satisfy any craving. Filled with chicken, carne asada, vegetables or simply cheese, quesadillas at food trucks are an explosion of flavor in every bite. Perfect for eating on the go or as a quick snack, quesadillas are a never-fail option on the street food scene.

Quesadillas at @foodtruck_lachoza
Quesadillas at @foodtruck_lachoza


Nachos are a classic option in food trucks. With their crunchy corn chips topped with melted cheese, beans, salsa and other delicious ingredients, nachos are the perfect appetizer to share or enjoy alone. Their combination of flavors and textures makes them a favorite among street food lovers. Whether as a quick snack or as a full meal, nachos at food trucks are always a delicious option.

Nachos at @foodtruck_lachoza
Nachos at @foodtruck_lachoza
Nachos at @foodtruck_lachoza
Nachos at @foodtruck_lachoza

Ice creams: A refreshing and delicious option

In the world of food trucks, ice cream is an ideal option to beat the heat and enjoy a delicious dessert.

The best types of food to sell in food trucks


It is the most typical type of food truck food because it appeals to all types of public and allows a great variety. You can stand out with a high quality, exotic or even vegetarian type of meat. You will have to invest about 1,800€ in equipment, since you only need a griddle, a fridge/freezer and a fryer if you also want to serve potatoes. Easy to prepare and quite fast. They are present at all events and are a safe bet.

Burgers at @foodtruck_lachoza
Burgers at @foodtruck_lachoza


Sandwiches or sandwiches allow for a variety of preparations but be careful not to confuse your audience. Choose a genre and turn it into a memorable experience. Sausages, cheeses, vegetables, Serrano ham and don’t forget a special sauce with your personal touch. The necessary equipment is minimal: sandwich maker, containers for ingredients, refrigerator and perhaps a griddle. You can buy it all for about 1.000€. Their great advantage is that you can have some ready to go and they are perfect for mini wedding dinners.


A very tasty and hearty meal. This meat (chicken, beef, pork or lamb) is pressed into a roll and roasted in a vertical oven. It can be served on a plate, in roll or pita. The investment in equipment is approximately €2,000 including a kebab machine, a specific knife and a refrigerator. This exotic food from Turkey and Persia is quick to prepare and has a large profit margin, and does not require much storage space.


Falafel is a delicious street food originating in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Its unique flavor, different from most American dishes, makes it a popular choice for those looking to try something new. It is a nutritious and delicious option that you can enjoy as a snack, lunch or dinner. Its exotic flavor and crunchy texture will transport you to the streets of the Middle East.


This Italian food, popularized by the United States and loved by children all over the world, is a great choice for food truck cooking. It is simple to make and allows a huge variety of possibilities with all kinds of ingredients.


The preparation time is average and you will need at least 3,000€ of investment in machinery to install an oven and a mid-range undercounter. There are variations according to the type of dough and the way it is served, such as paninis, calzone, sliced, mini-pizzas…


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Although it is now common to find sushi in many supermarkets, not many years ago it was an exotic and expensive delicacy. Its main advantage is that you can prepare it before starting the service and there is a lot of variety. It is a very healthy and light meal for which you will need a low counter and/or a refrigerated display case, rice cooker, knives and other utensils whose total price will be around €3,000.

The best types of food to sell in food trucks



Curry is a blend of spices that has captivated the world with its vibrant aromas and intense flavors. Originally from India, this condiment has conquered palates in different cultures, giving rise to a wide variety of dishes with a distinctive touch. Curry invites you on a culinary journey around the world, allowing you to discover unique flavors and aromas in each dish.


It is the healthy food par excellence and it is always in fashion, although recently a very original and tasty type of salad has been added. We are talking about poke, an original Hawaiian dish that is becoming more and more popular in Spain. Raw and marinated fish (usually tuna and octopus) are mixed with seasonings and fresh foods such as cucumber, spring onion, avocado or seaweed. Serve in a bowl with soy sauce and rice. Although it can be very varied, Hawaiian restaurants usually offer only a dozen or so specific combinations.


Another great food to sell in a food truck. There is a great variety and different ways of calling them (arepas, tortitas, pancake…) according to the ingredients of the dough. The best part is that you can offer a sweet or savory dish with the same equipment and accompany it with all kinds of ingredients (vegetables, meats, sauces, chocolates, cream, syrups…). The pThe price of a double crepe maker is around 500-700€, to which must be added a griddle and refrigerators, in total about 1,500€ in equipment. Another interesting part of this type of food truck food is the show cooking, it can be hypnotic to see how they prepare a succulent crepe.


A type of food valid for any place (shopping centers, festivals, fixed points, private events…) due to its variety of ingredients, as they can be meat (beef, chicken, sausages, ham and cheese…) or vegetarian (spinach, mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella, tuna and bell pepper…) but also due to its variety of sizes as you can offer mini empanadillas by the dozen, cut empanadas or by the unit.

Vegan Food:

Vegan food trucks have gained popularity thanks to their variety and creativity. With options ranging from black bean burgers to jackfruit tacos, the food trucks offer a wide range of dishes without animal ingredients. These delicious alternatives are not only tasty, but also environmentally friendly and suitable for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. With vegan food trucks, everyone can enjoy a delicious and ethical dining experience anywhere.

Vegan food at @foodtruck_lachoza.
Vegan food at @foodtruck_lachoza.

Assorted skewers

Skewers on food trucks are a delicious and convenient option to satisfy quick cravings. These small bites are full of flavor and perfect for enjoying while strolling around town or socializing with friends. With a wide variety of ingredients and flavors, pinchos in food trucks are a gastronomic experience worth trying.

Skewers @tximeleta.streetfood
Skewers @tximeleta.streetfood
Skewers @tximeleta.streetfood
Skewers @tximeleta.streetfood


From 2.500€ you can find kneader, fryer and doser for the preparation of churros. This is one of the strengths of the churrerías, but another, no less important, is that they have an easier time getting permits on public roads in any part of Spain. In addition to the typical and appetizing churros and porras, you can create a differentiating offer by covering them with chocolate, syrup, cream… and accompanied by coffee or hot chocolate.


The best types of food to sell in food trucks


The main ingredient is the egg to which you can add practically anything edible. It is ideal to have “stock” and to be able to serve customers quickly because it is also good hot and cold! But you can also make a “live” show by throwing the tortillas in the air. Your star product can be the Spanish potato omelette with or without onion, which is popular with people of all ages (children love it because it is easy to eat and they can put ketchup on it). Or make French omelette sandwiches with bacon, pork loin, cold meats, cheeses… Find the exotic ingredient to put in your omelette and attract the attention of customers, who comment on their social networks about the exclusive omelette they have tasted in your food truck. We include this variety of food for its flexibility and economical equipment. Catering machinery can cost you less than 1.000€.

We have analyzed 10 types of food but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Think about pastries, ice cream, milkshakes, waffles, natural juices, noodles, soups, chicken, fried fish or simply a cafeteria.

The most important thing is that you like what you are going to cook and that you are very original when presenting it. Share your opinion, what kind of food you prefer when you go to a food truck event.

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